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 October 2024 

Call the BOX OFFICE: 01373 764291 or 07510919573

We are recruting local talent        call us on 01373 462 693
  Auditions 10 June 7.30pm


Hans Christian Andersen

“Where words fail, music speaks”

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Our Beginnings

Dedicated To Excellence!

As the longest running Music Hall Hippodrome in Somerset, we have been making audiences laugh and sing since 1977. We’re committed to entertaining and delighting our audiences, and will continue to do so for many years down the line. The Woodlanders Variety Music Hall has original charm and character, bringing breath to life with a wide array of laughter and music.

Who We Are

Bringing Music to the Stage

At The Woodlanders Variety Music Hall we present best-in-class performances across a range of genres. Our captivating performances are designed to entertain and enlighten. We want all of our guests to experience live entertainment from A to Z at our Music Theatre, as we have been doing since our founding in 1977. We are here to bring you some of the biggest and best names in the performance industry, in East Woodlands anyway and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Sandra Gaisford

Singer extraordinaire, funny too and one of the longest serving members of the cast


Graham Harding

Talented and witty, an all round entertainer


Glyn Carpenter


Plays many characters and has been a member since 2011

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Trudi Whittock

Producer and Choreographer

Dancer, actor and one of the longest serving members of the cast


Crissy Carpenter

Can sing a little but can't dance and never remembers her lines.

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Trevor Hoddinot

Actor and comedian


Ann Hart


Anne Hart humbnail_IMG_4636.jpg

Ray Wilkins

Clown extraordinaire

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Jim Boulter

No this is not Gym!   


This is  Jim.....

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Stuart Merritt

Technical Support

Comedic actor

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Ian Jones

Ian  2 thumbnail_IMG_4461 (2).jpg

Andy Hardy 

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Harmonica and Ukulele

Yvonne Covill

Wardrobe Mistress and Front of House

Chorus and character parts

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Andy (2).jpg

Kerry Bishop

Musical Director

Man on the keyboard, yes this is it... the whole orchestra.


Sharon Rose

Stage Manager

She's shy!

East Woodlands Village Hall by Clive Irving-Gizzie (2).jpg

Painting of East Woodlands Village Hall by Clive Irving-Gizzie


The Woodlanders have always had their base at the East Woodlands Village Hall, or the Hippodrome as it is known in its Woodlanders’ guise.  It is here that the players do most of their rehearsals and perform each autumn. It has played no small part in the Woodlanders’ history – and their success: the show is designed to fit the space provided.

The Hall, known locally as ‘the jewel in the forest’ stands opposite St Katharine’s church on the edge of Selwood Forest.  It is the former village school and Headmaster’s house. It was built by the Longleat Estate in about 1835 at a cost of £588 and is now Grade II listed. It was owned by the Thynne Educational Foundation until 2022 when it was purchased by the hall’s management committee, an independent charity principally made up of villagers past and present.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our performance schedule and special events.

East Woodlands Village Hall
BA11 5LQ

BOX OFFICE: 01373 764291 or 07510919573

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